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Forestry Terms. Forestry is the science and craft of creating, managing, planting, using, conserving and repairing forests, woodlands, and associated resources for human and environmental benefits. Annual — a plant that lives or grows for only one year or one growing season.

Forestry Terms for Mississippi Landowners Mississippi
Forestry Terms for Mississippi Landowners Mississippi from

The area in square feet of the cross section at breast height of a single tree, a group of trees, or all of the trees in a stand, usually expressed in square feet per acre. A circular acre has a radius of 117.75 feet. The entire area drained by a river and its tributaries.

A Circular Acre Has A Radius Of 117.75 Feet.

Forestry is practiced in plantations and natural stands. Of or pertaining to the bottom of a stream, lake, sea, or ocean. Another way to say forestry?

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The science of forestry has elements that belong to the biological, physical, social, political and managerial sciences. Live in water during early development and. Glossary of forestry terms published by forestry canada, pacific and yukon region revised 1993 (pdf version created november 2000) a previous version of this glossary originally appeared as an appendix to “managing your woodland:

Glossary Of Terms For Landowners.

Windbreaks and shelterbelts of trees with a width of more than 20 m), and rubberwood plantations and cork oak stands. Any of a class of vertebrates that regulate their body temperature externally; Aircraft can also be used logistically to transport crews, supplies, and equipment.

Using Airplanes Or Helicopters To Help Control A Ground Cover Fire.

You will find the decomposers here (example, worms, bacteria and soil insects). Jungle, bow, park and forward. Aesthetics — forest value, rooted in beauty and visual appreciation, affording inspiration, contributing to the arts, and providing a special quality of life.

Annual — A Plant That Lives Or Grows For Only One Year Or One Growing Season.

Without a basic understanding of forestry terms, it can be difficult to communicate with foresters or buyers of forestland or timber. This glossary is a tool for landowners seeking to define ownership objectives. Afforestation — the establishment of forest trees by planting or seeding an area not previously forested.

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