Forestry Glossary

Forestry Glossary. Definitions of key terms commonly used in the knowledge base of the ofac. Access road a temporary or permanent access route.

Map Terms Map, Forest path, Heide
Map Terms Map, Forest path, Heide from

Tell us if you couldn’t find what you were looking for: Conversion of bare land into forest land by planting of forest trees. Selected agroforestry terms (agroforestry practices) afforestation.

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While undertaking research, you or your students may come across some terms that may need explaining, so we have made it easy for you below. Forestry england (fe) the forestry commission agency responsible for managing the national forests in england. Glossary of terms afforestation planting trees on land not currently covered with forest.

Bedding A Technique Whereby A Small Ridge Of Surface Soil Is Formed To Provide An Elevated Planting Or Seed Bed.

The content of this glossary has been kindly provided by several authoritative sources including the wwf , the uk governmental organisation forest research , and the nc state university. Glossary of terms and definitions contains the main conceptual and terminological. Glossary of forestry terms below, you will find a database of forestry and investment terms providing trusted definitions from the world of trees.

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An area of land measuring 43,560 square feet. This list is an outline concerning the flora and contains the most frequent commercial species in the world. Australia’s forests and forestry glossary.

In Discussing Forest Land Management And Everyday Forest Operations, You Will Often Hear And Read Words And Phrases That Are Unique To The Natural Resources Professions.

When working with natural resource professionals, landowners often hear unfamiliar terminology unique to forest management. Portions of this glossary is credited to nancy pywell, extension forester, pennsylvania state university, whose bulletin, forestry terminology provided the framework for this fact sheet. Conversion of bare land into forest land by planting of forest trees.

Australia’s State Of The Forests Report 2018.

The glossary was originally published by the international centre for research in agroforestry (icraf). Dense populations that have reached a size at which mortality occurs demonstrate a negative relationship between log mean plant weight and log stand density; The forestry commission's functions in wales transferred to a new organisation, natural resources wales, on 1 april 2013.

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